3 Day Jamaican Adventure Tour


Planning to spend some time in Montego Bay, Jamaica at an Airbnb? How about a quick adventure tour outside of the city to enjoy some of the most exciting parts of Jamaica’s culture? It only takes 3 days in Jamaica to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Not sure what to do in 3 days? No worries, we have planned a trip for you that will allow you to get the best experience of two of Jamaica’s most popular cities, Ocho Rios and Kingston.

Day 1- Ocho Rios

On the morning of Day one, head to Ocho Rios. Visit the exciting Dunn’s River Falls where you will climb to the top of the scenic waterfalls. If for some reason you want to skip the waterfalls, there are many other things to do in Ocho Rios. Head on over to dolphin cove if you are a fan of dolphins and take a dip with the aquatic animals. If you are a nature-lover you can take a tour of Fern Gully, which is a 3-mile long rain forest with some of the most breath-taking views on the island. You may also try other activities like horseback riding in the Caribbean sea or craft item shopping. After a fun-filled day, spend the night in one of Ocho Rios’ amazing hotels and get ready for the next day’s trip.

Day 2- Port Royal

Day two should take you on a journey to the historical city of Port Royal. Port Royal was once one of the most prosperous cities in Jamaica. Today the city is remembered for its connection with some of the most notorious figures in the world of Fiction, Pirates. The pirates used the port as their main base during the 1600s. Some of the city was destroyed in an earthquake in 1962 and further in other subsequent natural disasters. However, much of the structures remain. Take a tour of the grounds and hear exciting tales of the city’s vivid history.

The city is also known for its delicious seafood. We recommend that you grab a bite here before you head off to the next destination, Kingston. The afternoon ends in your accommodation in Kingston. After leaving Port Royal, you will arrive in the country’s capital city in the late afternoon. You may decide to have dinner and rest for the evening or spend the night out in the vibrant city.

Day 3- Kingston

On Day three in Kingston, you will visit the cool Blue Mountains. This is the home of The Blue Mountain Coffee, one of the most in-demand caffeine Beverages in the world. You will get a guided tour of the property and get a chance to do a coffee tasting session. When the tour is over, you will leave the mountains and head to the Bob Marley Museum. The museum is the former home of the musical legend. You will get a tour around the home while you hear the story of Bob’s life growing up.

This would be the last stop on your adventure tour in Jamaica. After the museum, you would head back to Montego Bay. However, you may choose to remain in Kingston for a few more days or head to another location.

Get a Dedicated Tour Guide and Driver

A trip like this could be at the beginning or end of your vacation. It would take a lot of work for you to organize, but we have you covered. You don’t have to plan and execute this trip all by yourself. Experience this adventure tour with a trusted tour leader and driver for less than USD$500. This includes accommodation and breakfast on Day 2 and 3. Visit the tour page or E-mail us at info@jamaicadiscovery.com for more information.