CLIENT REVIEW: “I had a wonderful time on this tour! We saw so much of Jamaica, from beaches to mountains to Kingston to fishing villages and the various tours were so interesting. I came home with a good understanding and knowledge of Jamaica and its culture. Our guide took us to authentic local restaurants where we were able to try so many different local dishes which were delicious and we also got to experience extra activities at night like a live reggae concert and a nightclub in Kingston. Our guide and bus driver were friendly and considerate of our wants and needs and they would go out of their way for us on an individual level; we felt safe in their hands. I would highly recommend this tour; there is no way I could’ve covered so much territory and planning on my own.”


About Us

Jamaica Discovery Tours & Vacations is a “proud to be Jamaican” tour company. We offer roaming tours of Jamaica providing for our Travelers – tour leaders, transportation, accommodation, entertainment, exploration and culture. Our focus is client satisfaction and we ensure this with pin-point service and a unique blend of our Jamaican culture, spontaneity and exotic experiences.

Our packages allow for flexibility in duration and destinations and are geared towards the curious, energetic, adventure-seeking and fun loving Traveler. The Jamaica Discovery way is unique because we roam Jamaica and allow our Travelers to have a more complete Jamaican experience. Travelers can experience signature Jamaican locations such as Montego Bay, Negril, Treasure Beach, Kingston, Portland and Ocho Rios with the added benefit of gaining access to off the beaten path!

Jamaica Discovery has been sharing Jamaica with our Travelers for over ten (10) years and we are the only Company to offer this type of Jamaican experience and vibe. “Change your world by sharing ours and never remain unchanged!”

Our Mission

Jamaica Discovery Tours & Vacations’ mission was born out of the need to break away from the normal, predictable vacation and create a Jamaica experience that would transcend all others. Our only focus is client satisfaction, and we ensure this with a unique blend of our Jamaican culture, spontaneity and exotic experiences.  We love sharing JAMAICA and we believe we can make Jamaica and the World a better place if we share positively!  Jamaica Discovery advocates that JAMAICA is as much yours as it is mine and with this positive attitude of sharing mutual benefits are guaranteed for all.  “Change your world by sharing ours and never remain unchanged!”

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