When you think about Jamaican All-Inclusive resorts, Beaches Negril is one of the first ones that might come to mind. Beaches started operating in the late 90s. Today Beaches Negril is one of the most visited resorts in the Caribbean and continues to maintain a standard of excellence. Though the feedback from guests is mostly positive, there is always room for improvement. We decided to assess its operations and share our thoughts on its overall performance.


The Resort Property

Beaches Negril’s property is among its most impressive characteristics. The large property accommodates several features. There are six pools, a waterpark and a few lounges, among other things. The resort also occupies a large area of Negril’s seven-mile Beach. The property is large and might have areas that are usually crowded during the days. However, the tropical plants and climate allow the area to have a calm and intimate feel. There are also a lot of quiet areas on the ground where guests can relax peacefully. Beaches is one of the high-end luxury resorts on the island so they place importance on their property maintenance. The surroundings are usually clean and the facilities are maintained properly. Sometimes guests do complain about messy areas on the beach because of the crowds. However, to be honest, these complaints are few and far in between and the staff tries to limit these instances.




Beaches Negril offers up to 10 types of rooms and suites for guests to choose from. They range from small rooms to concierge level rooms. The highest-level suites also have butler service available. Since the resort caters to families, there are some rooms that can hold up to 12 occupants. The rooms usually get positive feedback from guests because they are spacious and clean. The beds are soft, and the rooms have air-conditioning.  However, if you are looking forward to rooms with a modern look and feel you will likely be disappointed. There have also been a few complaints about how suitable some of the rooms are for families. Some complain that the rooms are too small for large groups, especially those with children. However, some of the newly renovated rooms seem to be designed to hold more people.




The activities offered at this resort are excellent. As a family resort, Beaches tries to offer numerous activities for guests of all ages. There are several sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, golf and watersports such as snorkeling and waterskiing. The resort has one of the Caribbean ‘s most exciting water parks which will guarantee a good time for kids. For kids there is also an Xbox play lounge and a hang-out spot to play arcade games. Entertainment is also provided throughout the day that cater to adults and children alike, these events are always enjoyable and properly executed. To conclude, we give the resort a thumbs up for activities.


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There are 9 restaurants to choose from and they usually offer a wide range of food choices. The food is always prepared well, but for a large resort many guests might find the choices underwhelming and a few more restaurants would be beneficial. The options for children are also a bit limited and this is an ongoing complaint from guests. The usual chicken nuggets are usually offered for kids with a few other options and for many this is not enough.


Customer service


For the most part customer service is good. But there are always a few instances when customers aren’t satisfied with the responses from the staff. The thing is, you will always find stellar service providers at Beaches but a few guests might have one or two bad experiences. There are staff members (the majority) who are jovial and always happy to assist then there are those who might not seem friendly enough to certain guests.


Does Beaches Negril Provide Value For Your Money?


This is one of the most expensive resorts on the island so guests will have high expectations. For most guests these expectations are met with ease but there are others who expect something more and that is understandable. In our opinion the resort operates like a top-notch one based on all the effort put into the operations. We would therefore definitely recommend them, especially for those traveling with family members.




Clean and attractive property

Excellent activities

Good Customer service

Great value



Rooms seem dated

Limited Food Options


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