When we think of the top Jamaican all-inclusive resorts we think of Negril. Negril is one of the most visited vacation destinations in Jamaica, the town is known for its 7-mile beach and its amazing attractions. Though we do not think that all-inclusive resorts are the best way to enjoy your stay in Jamaica, we do know that they are some of the first choices for visitors. If you want to learn more about our opinion on All-Inclusives and our recommendation you can check out our previous articles on the topic.

There are several all inclusive hotels to choose from but some will likely provide better service and a better experience for you.  We have compiled a list of the best all inclusive resorts in the city. What we used to decide the quality of these hotels are their value, property,rooms, food and customer service. You will book a Jamaican all-inclusive resort with the intention to remain on the resort grounds for the entirety of your vacation. This means that all the measures mentioned above will be extremely important so that you will enjoy your stay.

Royalton Negril

This is definitely one of the crowd favourites. What we love about Royalton is how beautiful the resort is. The rooms are amazing and for the most part. You will have a breathtaking view of the resort grounds from your balcony. It is one of the more expensive hotels but we absolutely think it’s worth it. The dining areas are quite attractive spaces and there is a wide range of food to choose from. Based on all the feedback from past patrons the food never disappoints. There have been a few cases of hiccups where customer service is concerned but for the most part you can expect to have an amazing experience for the duration of your Jamaican vacation.

Catcha Falling Star

Catcha Falling Star is one of the Negril all-inclusive resorts with the best track records in Jamaica. Most guests leave with only good things to share about Catcha falling star resort. The resort is built on a cliff so you will enjoy amazing views from wherever you stand. With more modest and intimate rooms, the resort comes with very affordable prices. It is one of the locations of choice for those with a tighter budget. The amenities are still very much top quality and the food is also amazing. The customer service is one of the high points as the staff tries to ensure that each patron has a good time when they visit.

Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay

The rooms at the Hotel Riu Palace fall within an average-price range. Its rooms are spacious, and the resort property is awe inspiring, so it is well worth the price. You will be able to choose from international and local cuisine and according to past visitors the hotel provides good tasting food. A few patrons have had unfavorable experiences with the service in the hotel. However, for the most part we think that the hotel really tries to guarantee a good and comfortable stay for anyone who spends time there.


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The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel

We couldn’t compile a list of Negril all-inclusive resorts without the Spa retreat. The resort is very affordable, considering its quality and the services it offers. One look at the hotel grounds and you will realize why the resort has gotten such great reviews. As a matter of fact, Tripadvisor has listed the resort as a 2019 traveler’s choice awardee. This is because it continues to be consistent with its quality of service. Each hut is cozy and comfortable and an amazing view is just right outside of each door. The spa retreat boutique hotel serves nothing but delicious meals that never disappoint. You can expect an overall amazing experience at this hotel and we highly recommend it.

Tensing Pen Resort

Tensing Pen is one of Trip advisor’s other traveler’s choice awardees. This is because of how happy customers are when they leave the resort. You can expect to feel relaxed on the hotel grounds, being surrounded by nature and with cliffs nearby which will allow you to enjoy the sea. The dining areas are very well designed and the food is amazing. The customer service is amazing and the hotel staff does everything in their power to ensure that your Jamaican vacation is enjoyable.

Though we are not necessarily fond of the all-inclusive model we must admit that there are some stellar resorts that offer this service. If you insist on an all-inclusive experience, these are the best all-inclusive resorts that Negril has to offer. You can’t go wrong with one of these choices.