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    Jamaica Discovery Tours & Vacations is a, proud to be Jamaican, tour company. We offer the “Jamaica Discovery signature” tour guide, transportation, accommodation, entertainment and exploration of the island, Jamaica. Our packages allow for flexibility in duration and destinations and are geared towards the energetic, adventure-seeking, outdoor loving traveler. The core of our existence is based on the idea that this organization with its unique offerings and excellence in performance, along with a successful team of creative overseers, is on the edge of revolutionizing the concept ‘vacation’. The essence of our mission is the promise of a vacation, which guarantees life long memories.
    Jamaica Discovery Tours and Vacation’s mission was born out of the need to break away from the normal, predictable vacation and create an experience that would transcend all others. Our only focus is client satisfaction, and we ensure this with a unique blend of our Jamaican culture, spontaneity and exotic experiences.