The Riu brand started in the 1950s. It has since lead to several branches across the world, including Hotel Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica. The Riu all-inclusive resort is thus one of the most recognizable names within the resort industry. Since Riu has been around for so many years, it is understandable that they have developed their properties overtime to improve the guest experience.

The Hotel Riu Montego Bay is one of the most luxurious resorts in the country. It is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists who want to have an enjoyable Jamaican vacation. Looking to visit the Hotel Riu Montego Bay? Well we will give you an idea of the resort’s performance to help make your decision easier.


The Resort Property

RIU Montego Bay exists on a large property on Jamaica’s west coast. Guests enjoy a beautiful natural environment and a large area of the beach as well as properly maintained facilities. The grounds are kept in good condition and so the surroundings are always clean. This makes guests comfortable when they move around the resort.


The Rooms

Hotel RIU Montego Bay has six room options based on size and views. Rooms range from standard size to family size. They can have a Garden view, a partial Seaview or a full Seaview. The rooms are spacious and clean but are typically not contemporary in look and feel. RIU does renovations from time to time. However, the last time we checked, the rooms seemed a bit dated and some even had functionality issues. A plus is that the rooms have everything you need, and they are replenished each day. The Ocean view rooms tend to be the best and most comfortable.


The Activities

RIU has an adequate number of activities available to its guests. There are several water activities such as windsurfing, catamaran rides, snorkeling and kayaking. There is tennis, volleyball, a fitness gym and several other activities that happen by the pool. Entertainment is also provided throughout the day. The activities are sure to keep most guests fully occupied during their stay. Guests tend to be satisfied with that aspect of the resort.


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The Food

There are a few restaurants to choose from that exist on the property and there are also some restaurants nearby. When judging the overall quality of the food, you will either find it exceptional or average. Though some might not be impressed with what is offered, there is always at least one memorable meal during your trip. Additionally, there is a lot of food so you can expect to be full after your meals. Most of the restaurants are buffet style and a complaint is that the food options are a little repetitive. Riu has committed to improving on this for the future.

The Customer service

Apart from of the very few instances where RIU staff members were not quick to address certain issues, RIU provides great customer service. The staff is wonderful for the most part and are always willing to help. The resort might have its issues, but the customer service is one of the highlights of most guests’ stay.


Does Hotel Riu Montego Bay Provide Value For Your Money?

Many believe that RIU Montego Bay does not fit into a five-star resort category. Additionally, many point out that there is much needed work on the facilities which may be true. However, we believe that the resort is well worth your time and money . The resort, though it might need a little work, tries very hard to ensure that guests enjoyed their stay. For the most part, they achieve this with very little effort.





Clean and attractive property

Spacious rooms

Great activities

Good Customer service

Great value



Rooms and property need renovations

Food Quality average