Jamaica’s All-Inclusive Resorts


When planning a Jamaican vacation, Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts tend to be at the top of many visitors’ minds. The idea of being able to spend your time in a scenic space seems like the best way to enjoy our beautiful island. This has been endorsed as the ideal Jamaican experience for many years. All-inclusive resorts serve their purpose well. However, they are not suitable for every type of traveler, so many might leave the experience feeling disappointed. Not many are aware that they can enjoy Jamaica just as much or even more outside of these resorts. So are they really worth it? In this article, we will explore the “all-inclusive” concept and share our thoughts on these resorts.

What Is An All-Inclusive Resort?

There are several resorts in Jamaica but not all of them are all-inclusive. Jamaica’s All-Inclusive resorts are holiday destinations that offer everything a guest might need for the entirety of their vacation. Hence, they are able to remain within the confines of that one location. Therefore, guests will not have to go out to find entertainment, food, activities, necessities etc.  Importantly, they won’t have to come face to face with the country’s negative characteristics like criminal activities or harassment.

Why Did They Come About?

The concept of all-inclusive resorts became popular because of safety concerns with Jamaica. In the 1980s, the rise in criminal activity became a point of discussion. People started to worry that they might not be safe when they visited the country. Because of this the tourism industry began to suffer. Jamaica’s All-inclusive resorts were born to fix this. The resort owners promised safe areas for people to enjoy their Jamaican vacation. Guests would get a vehicle from the airport to their resort. Within these resorts, they would enjoy everything amazing about Jamaica: scenery, good food, music, beaches etc. Since Jamaica is an appealing tourist destination, this concept worked well for those who wanted to visit. Many seek to book their stay at all-inclusive resorts to this day.

Are All-Inclusive Resorts Worth It?

We must admit, the business model of Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts is solid. However, it is far from perfect. It is not the best option for travelers who really want the real Jamaican experience. When traveling to a new country many of us want to experience a culture that we are not accustomed to. Travel has a way of leaving us enlightened about how other people live. Oftentimes those who immerse themselves in the Jamaican culture have an experience that they will forever cherish. There is so much more to jamaica than its scenery. You won’t enjoy any of these things when you are stuck on a resort all day . There are several other parishes outside of the main tourist locations. They have their own identity and provide experiences that can’t be copied.


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Jamaica’s “Crime Situation”

Jamaica’s crime situation has been discussed non-stop in news outlets across the world. Therefore, many people are not confident that they will be able to travel within the country safely. Like any other country, Jamaica has its bad and good areas. Despite what people think, there are very few bad areas within the country. If most locals have been able to avoid these areas and stay safe so can visitors. It is even better for tourists because locals are always excited to have visitors. Because of the importance of our tourism industry, most jamaicans will go the extra mile to  keep visitors safe and comfortable when they are on the island.

The safest way to travel around Jamaica

If you are worried about traveling alone then the best option is to make use of a guided tour. A guided tour will allow you to travel to the best places in the country with a trusted escort. Those who take these tours usually express satisfaction with the food that they find at the local restaurants. Based on what we have heard from past visitors, the best food that you can find in the country are usually off the resorts. Also, the best experiences that you can have in the country are usually far away from the resorts. Across the country, there are several waterfalls, recreational spots, parties, museums etc.  These attractions will make you want to stay past your intended dates. It is hard to enjoy and appreciate the country when you have only seen a very tiny part of it.

Our Recommendation

If you want a real adventure you must book a guided tour for your Jamaican vacation . Not all tours are the same. You can choose the perfect tour based on your interest and the length of your stay. These tours will introduce you to some of the best spots within the country. While traveling across the country you will realize that you will get something different from every stop that you make. Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts focus on the scenery of one location in the country. A tour will introduce you to a wide variety of scenic locations across Jamaica. You will surely leave Jamaica with experiences that you will never forget!

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