Jamaica Discovery Music Tour – 12 Days

Jamaica Discovery Music Tour for 12 days is all things Jamaican with the full cast of Jamaican people – we are “a day in the life vacation” with an emphasis on showcasing the true Jamaica and its rich culture which will captivate and entertain. You can experience, the Jamaica Discovery way, signature Jamaican locations such as Montego Bay, Negril, Treasure Beach, Kingston, Portland and Ocho Rios all packaged with you in mind. These are “Your days – Jamaica Discovery Days… change your world by sharing ours and you could never remain unchanged…”

From: US$1,75000Double Occupancy
    Start/Finish City: Montego Bay

Whats Included?

  • All Accommodations – Eleven (11) nights
  • Eleven (11) breakfasts and three (3) lunches
  • Private vehicle transfer to all destinations and to included activities
  • Dedicated Tour Leader
  • Rastafarian Village Experience with lunch
  • Transfer to Rick’s Cafe
  • Beach time in Negril
  • Stop at Peter Tosh Mausoleum
  • Appleton Estates Rum Tour
  • Dolphin Quest, Black River Safari and Pelican Bar including lunch
  • The Harder They Come/Jimmy Cliff Reggae Superstar
  • Bob Marley Museum Tour
  • Trench Town Culture Yard and Tuff Gong Tour
  • Jamaica Vintage Music Experience
  • Dance Jamaican Experience including lunch
  • Hellshire Beach and Dub-wise Sunday trips
  • National Gallery and Devon House visits
  • Visit to Bob Marley’s Mausoleum

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  • (B) Breakfast
  • (L) Lunch

Day 1, Friday – Montego Bay

Montego Bay – Jamaica’s second city greets you with promises of pleasure. Much to see, feel, and experience, your Jamaica Discovery Music Tour has officially begun. The lush land and idyllic breeze embrace. The mountainous beach town that is Montego Bay, is bordered by turquoise sea and softly reverberates reggae rhythms, displaying island art and fine cuisine; a true feast for the senses. Check in at your hotel and experience hospitality at its finest. There are no planned activities until the welcome meeting with your Tour Leader and other group members – the Hotel front desk will inform you of the meeting time and location.

Day 2, Saturday – Montego Bay (B&L)

Jamaica Discovery included activity – a day spent with the Rastafarians at the Rasta Village – learn of their history, lifestyle choices, eat their “ital” food for lunch, learn about their use of plants as remedies. Commune with them, play Rasta drums and chant theirs songs. This encounter is fully guided by Rastafarians who will meet the group at the Montego River Gardens and head out across the Montego River. This is an entertaining uncovering of a unique subculture that is unparalleled in its influence on Jamaica’s celebrity. Musically speaking you’ll explore the Rasta philosophy which influenced most of the lyrical content and sentiments found in our Reggae Music. You’ll see the art of drum making and the basic lessons in playing the drums are offered for those interested in learning! From Montego Bay you’re off to Negril… Jamaica Discovery included activity: group transfer to Rick’s Cafe on the western edge of the island and you’ll experience the amazing Negril sunset and the thrill of cliff diving. Whether you’re brave enough to take the plunge, or just happy to watch the locals take dives from the tops of trees before the sun sets, it is one of Jamaica’s ‘must see’ activities. Negril is about consuming music the way the locals like it – so its live music on the beach or in an urban night club setting.

Day 3, Sunday – Negril (B)

Seven miles of white sand beach will call and your response will be languorous moments of pure pleasure; all day just soak it up! Walk the beach, visit the cliffs, rock dive, scuba dive, wind surf, parasail or do nothing at all but relax in a hammock – our Negril home and launching pad to the perfect Jamaican nights and we do recommend you check out a Reggae Show on the Beach. Do as much or as little as you like– Negril is yours.

Day 4, Monday – Negril/Treasure Beach (B)

Departing Negril we take on another Jamaica Discovery included activity – we’ll stop and pay homage at Peter Tosh’s Mausoleum in Belmont, Westmoreland. Peter Tosh is one of the founding members of the Wailers (Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer). Tosh to some is still thought of as the most naturally talented of the Wailers and undoubtedly the most revolutionary and controversial. In addition to his early success with the Wailers, Tosh also had much commercial success as a solo artist. From Tosh we make our way to another Jamaica Discovery included activity designed to lift your spirits at Appleton Estate Rum Factory. Head into Jamaica’s picturesque countryside for a taste of the past and present. The Appleton Estate first distilled rum in 1749. See sugar cane become magically transformed into Jamaica’s Premium Rums. Learn how this luscious liquor goes from sugarcane, to molasses, then sugar, and finally becomes Rum. Sample blends for age, taste and strength, then pick up a bottle (or two) to take home. CAUTION: this tour ends with you being given access to the bar where you are allowed to serve yourself! Your rewarding sample will leave a promising tingle From Appleton we head to Treasure Beach with a stop in Middle Quarters (famous for peppered shrimp) to experience Jamaican street food for lunch or you can opt instead to try our local fast food – patty (chicken, beef, vegetation, shrimp, etc). After lunch we make our way to Treasure Beach where we take up our lodgings for the next two (2) nights.

Day 5, Tuesday – Treasure Beach

 You’ll wake up in Treasure Beach which is not on the average tourists’ radar, and we hope it stays that way – one of the quaintest spot on earth that will seamlessly claim you as a Local. Spend the days enjoying paradise any way you want.  Opt to take Jamaica Discovery’s signature Dolphin Quest Black River Safari Experience: local boat ride to search for dolphins and crocodiles in their natural environment. Travel about 10 minutes offshore to await dolphins on their morning swim. From there, head to where the Caribbean Sea meets the Black River and cruise upstream to see the Jamaican crocodile and a sampling of the over 100 spices of birds native to the Black River Morass . See how the locals use the river for their livelihood – fishing and shrimping.  When we get upstream we’ll stop at the Jamaica Discovery spot where you’ll have a local lunch and make like Tarzan and Jane and have a swim in the rejuvenating waters of the Black River.  Believe it or not today’s highlight is yet to come: leaving the Black River we head to Pelican Bar. PELICAN BAR: Picture a mass of driftwood, nailed together to create a basic structure, covered by a palm thatch roof and supported by stilts, sitting on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, and this is Floyd’s Pelican Bar. This quaint island-in-the-sea lounge is like nothing you’ve ever seen –at Pelican Bar, have a drink, swim, sunbathe or just chill and soak up the lazy sun-drenched vibe.

Jamaica Discovery included activitythis evening we’ll watch the film “The Harder They Come” under the Treasure Beach stars.  “The Harder They Come” is still probably Jamaica’s most successful and popular locally made movie – produced by Perry Henzel a native of Treasure Beach. This movie launched Jimmy Cliff into super-stardom not only because of his brilliant acting in the film, but more so because of the awesome movie sound track – with legendary Reggae Hits such as “Many Rivers To Cross” , “The Harder They Come”, “You Can Get It If You Real Want and “Sitting In Limbo”. 

Other options to enjoy from Treasure Beach are YS Falls, Lovers Leap, etc.; we also recommend spending time at one of our local charities.

Day 6, Wednesday – Treasure Beach/Kingston (B)

 We depart Treasure Beach and make our way to Kingston – Jamaica’s capital city and truly the heart beat of Jamaica and the Mecca of Jamaican music and music culture.  Once we arrive in Kingston we’ll head to Bob Marley Museum to experience this Jamaica Discovery included activity.  The museum is located at Bob Marley’s former residence, and you will be walking in his famous footsteps as you hear his unique and impactful story.  This is the 1st of four (4) Bob Marley experiences as Bob Marley is undoubtedly the champion of Jamaican music and the story of Jamaican Music cannot be told without the complete Marley Experience!

In Kingston the weekend starts on a Wednesday – so for those who are up for it there’s much to experience on a Wednesday evening.  Musically speaking, there’s Weddy-Weddy Wednesday – very hardcore and urban dancehall vibes (not for the faint of heart), and there’s Pepper-seed which is a retro-Jamaican dancehall party.

Day 7, Thursday – Kingston

 Jamaica Discovery included activity today we’ll delve deeper into Jamaica’s rich music history – on our “play list” today are visits to a number of vintage music studios downtown Kingston to reveal the origins of modern Jamaican music.  This tour will uncover Jamaica’s Mento, Ska and Rock Steady – the genres that gave rise to Reggae and Dancehall.  Included in today’s trek are visits to Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studio and Trench Town Culture Yard.  Trench town is “ground zero” – this is where it started for countless number of Jamaica’s great musicians including Bob Marley.  We recommended a “quite” night as you’ll need all your energy for tomorrow (Friday)!

Day 8, Friday – Kingston (B, L)

Jamaica Discovery included activity today you’ll explore Jamaica’s Dance Hall music and the contemporary music culture. Top on the musical list is learning how to dance to Dance Hall music.  This you’ll do by visiting the dance studio of some of Jamaica’s best known dancers for instructions on the latest dance moves; as well as instructions on some of the more famous “old-school” dance hall moves. This experience includes learning have to talk “Jamaican” as well as a “run-a-boat” lunch – cooked on the spot in the way friends do it in Jamaica.  In the afternoon there is an optional tour to Grafton Studio to have you record your own Reggae/Dance Hall musical track.  Optional night out in Kingston to consume music the way the locals do – Friday night is famous in Kingston for its after-work jams and the many bars and night clubs.

Day 9, Saturday – Kingston: (B)

 It’s Saturday morning, and for those who can wake up from their Friday night liming, we have an optional tour to the Blue Mountains. Leave the city behind for the day and venture up into the famous coffee-producing Blue Mountains. The lush hills and fresh air are a nice break from the coastal heat. Tour a coffee plantation or two and enjoy a cup of the area’s black gold. Blue Mountain coffee is reputed to be one of the best in the World! After the Blue Mountains we’ll chart a course for Port Royal – the 14th century stomping ground of some of the New World’s most infamous pirates. Learn more about the swash-buckling era in Jamaica.  Among the great things about Port Royal is that it is doorway to Lime Cay.  Lime Cay is 15 minutes by boat from Port Royal and offers white sandy beach and excellent snorkeling. Relax and wave to the passengers flying overhead as they take off and land at the nearby international airport. Once back on the mainland you can either dine in Port Royal or head back to Kingston to do so.  Optional night out in Kingston to consume music the way locals do on a Saturday night – this may be a good evening to try an “uptown party”!

Day 10, Sunday – Kingston: (B, L)

 No rush, no fuss, its Sunday.  DaVinci included activity – our plan today is to go the Hellshire Beach to eat “fish & festival” and soak up the Jamaica Sunday beach vibes.  You’ll return to Kingston with plenty time to relax before you make your way up to Skyline Drive for Dub-wise Sundays – this is Roots Rocking Reggae unadulterated and mello.  The view, the vibes and eclectic mix of travelers and locals is to die for…undoubtedly, the best way to spend Sunday nights in Kingston.

Day 11, Monday – Kingston (B)

Winding down in Kingston, Jamaica Discovery included activity – our plans today is to visit the National Gallery, Devon House and a visit to one of Jamaica Discovery’s Charities to lend a hand or just to give moral support.  It’s our last night in Kingston and the last night of the Kingston weekend (which started on Wednesday) – tonight is Mojito Mondays at Susies.  This urban dance hall scene is known for its dancers who travel from all parts of Jamaica and the World to debut their new dance moves and put on a show.  Mojito Mondays reflects the dynamism, energy, innovativeness, magnetism of Kingston as it constantly recreates the musical culture and set the musical agenda for the rest of Jamaica and the Caribbean at large!

Day 12, Tuesday – Kingston/Montego Bay (B): Tour ends today with a Jamaica Discovery included activity – as we travel back to Montego Bay (via Ocho Rios)…we have one more Marley moment and so we make a stop at Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Miles, St Ann and pay final respects to Bob Marley in this place where he was born and laid to rest. We’ll arrive in Montego Bay 4:30pm so those planning to depart Jamaica that day should book flights for 6:30pm or later.


Music Tour: 12 Days Of Reggae, Dancehall, Ska & Rocksteady

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