Sandals Montego Bay is a leading name among the Jamaican all-inclusive resorts. It benefits greatly from being in Montego Bay which is one of the top tourist cities in the country. Sandals has continued to please its guests over the years, and this is partly because they have been around since the 1980s and now have the knowledge and expertise needed to do so.

Sandals was one of the first resorts to use the all-inclusive concept and aimed to specifically create a romantic space for couples who wanted to enjoy romantic vacations. Couples who have visited the hotel in the past have mostly left with good things to say. However, some have had bad experiences too. We have put together a comprehensive review of the resort to outline all its pros and cons.


The Resort Property

Sandals Montego Bay has a lovely property. Nature, climate and property design all come together to create a very scenic and relaxing resort. It also helps that so much effort goes into property maintenance. The grounds are always kept nice and clean by the staff. It is important to note that the location is close to the airport, so this is a concern for some. Expect that there will be considerable noise during your stay, something which most people adjust to after a while.



Sandals has some very spacious and comfortable rooms. In addition to the rooms being in good shape, there are also exciting options to choose from. There are views of the beach, ocean, pool and garden, all of which are good. The Oceanview rooms tend to provide the preferred views but the others can also come with some refreshing scenery. The rooms also have various features. Some come with patios others have swim up pools or soaking tubs and then there are rooms with optimized accessibility for those with wheelchairs. Guests rarely complain about their rooms on the resort.



The Sandals resorts tend to have very good activities. There is a lot to do during your stay. Watersports include snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and waterskiing. There are also 23 other games offered such as golf, cricket, dominoes and volleyball among others. Guests can also enjoy spa and fitness activities and entertainment throughout the day. In summary there are numerous choices for you to enjoy and they are all readily available.

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There are 23 restaurants and 5 bars to choose from within the vicinity. With these many options, guests are sure to find their favorite spot. The service at the restaurants are excellent and the food quality is fantastic for most guests, however, some have found the food to be a little overcooked. Hence, the food quality at some of the restaurants could do well with some improvements. The restaurants Tokyo Joe’s, Stew Fish and Bayside provide some of the best food. Sometimes it also takes a while to get served especially during crowded seasons.


Customer service

Customer service is overall great at sandals Montego Bay. The staff at different parts of the resort are known to be excellent with guests. There might be things that fall short on some days but we believe the staff members are always friendly, enthusiastic and willing to help guests with whatever they need.


Does Sandals Montego Bay Provide Value For Your Money?

In short, Sandals Montego Bay might cost a lot for some. However, you will likely feel satisfied with the value that you get.




Clean and attractive property

Excellent activities

Good Customer service

Great Room Options



Food Quality Average

Noise because of proximity to airport


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