CLIENT REVIEW: Jamaica is a life changer. It is the perfect balance of freedom, sensuality, spontaneity, and relaxation. The culture is intoxicating and the people are the most uninhibited people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We were a tour group of 12 with a range of personalities and ages. We all had an experience that will leave a beautiful mark. Our wonderful guide Tish is so down to earth, full of life and has a wicked humour. I’ve never recommended anything more in my life. Do it!


CLIENT REVIEW: "The trip with you was amazing. I have seen so many beautiful places and meet new friends from Jamaica. I learned a lot of about the Rastafarian. Every time I see Oliver and Yannick we talk about our trip to Jamaica. We talk about the people, the places, the music, the food (our favourite Jerk chicken and juicy patties) and rum with ting. We have so many memories. I wish I can see Jamaica again. You make our trip perfect".
One love✌🏽️


CLIENT REVIEW: “I had a wonderful time on this tour! We saw so much of Jamaica, from beaches to mountains to Kingston to fishing villages and the various tours were so interesting. I came home with a good understanding and knowledge of Jamaica and its culture. Our guide took us to authentic local restaurants where we were able to try so many different local dishes which were delicious and we also got to experience extra activities at night like a live reggae concert and a nightclub in Kingston. Our guide and bus driver were friendly and considerate of our wants and needs and they would go out of their way for us on an individual level; we felt safe in their hands. I would highly recommend this tour; there is no way I could’ve covered so much territory and planning on my own.”


CLIENT REVIEW: "Darrell, I have to say that you are one of the best guides I have ever had. You have a great knowledge of your country, a spirit of adventure and a great sense of humor. You were very conscientious and took incredible care of us. One complaint: you should never allow 54 year old white guys to be caught on video dancing in the Maroon village. Seriously!"


We have just returned from the 10 day tour and can't rave enough about the fun we had and the knowledge we gained. Both of our guides, Darrell and Peter, were charming, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. And I might add, calm and competent drivers! Even before we left home Darrell was in touch with me, as we had some specific things, not on the itinerary that we wanted to see. These were thoughtfully arranged for us. And speaking of the itinerary, we visited places friends of ours who have lived on the island over 20 years have never been to! Everyone we met was very friendly, and it also seemed that Peter knows everyone on the island! The food was yummy, and we especially enjoyed the accommodations in Negril and Treasure Beach. Our only disappointment was that we didn't stay longer! Thanks again!

Carol & Geoff   

My Jamaica Discovery tour was an amazing experience! I saw a lot of Jamaica, I think of the REAL Jamaica - not the all inclusive. Jamaica has many beautiful places to discover and it is a lot to do, Jamaica Discovery makes it possible. My favorite place is Portland. It is not (yet) touristic and so green, nice beaches, the blue lagoon and waterfalls! My greatest activity was the dolphin quest, black river safari and pelican bar in treasure beach. I would highly recommend this tour to everybody!🙂 The tourleader was great and give me lot of information about the culture in Jamaica. The people in Jamaica are lovely and very friendly. The hotels were very nice and close to the beaches. The food is amazing! What else could I say?😉 I will definitely come back.



CLIENT REVIEW: "The tour was a great experience. I was able to see parts of JA I would never see if I travelled on my own. I especially liked the visit to the Rastafarian village. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the experience very enjoyable. I would recommend this tour to other travellers".


CLIENT REVIEW: "Jamaica was full of music, laughter and hot sun. Rio Olympics was on as our sporting accompaniment, giving us an insight into the partying, gregarious and vivacious people of Jamaica. I loved every minute of it, met friends for life, and found myself saying "yeah man" weeks after I'd returned home. Our guide was full of sass, kept us laughing and knew all that was needed to concoct the perfect Caribbean adventure!"


We recently returned from the 10 day tour and want to thank Darrell and Peter once again for a great time! Both of them were warm, considerate, extremely knowledgeable, and each had a great sense of humor. And I might add, were calm capable drivers! From the moment we were considering taking the trip, Darrell was available for consultation. My husband and I each had some specific things not included in the itinerary that we wanted to see, and Darrell and Peter made this possible. We discovered parts of the island not on the typical commercial path and, actually saw more than our friends who have lived in Jamaica for over 20 years ! The days were organized in a way to give us time for optional activities. The food was delicious, and we especially enjoyed our stays at Negril and Treasure Beach. We have returned home with a new knowledge of Jamaica's heritage, culture, history and cuisine.
Carol & Geoffrey


CLIENT REVIEW: "The other day I was flicking through my pictures of Jamaica and it brought everything back - the sun, the sea, delicious food, music, friendships, adventure and above all, culture. The country has it all. This particular tour was perfectly balanced and included a taste Jamaican culture in an off the beaten track way - which left me feeling quite confident that I had really seen Jamaica by the end of it. The tour leaders, Darrell and Michelle, were kind, generous with their time, knowledgeable and clearly love their country, which is so important to imbue that same sense in a tourist to keep them coming back for more. I will definitely be back and I can't wait". Ps: "I also loved the day we went to that bar in the middle of the ocean and saw dolphins on the way"...


CLIENT REVIEW: Tour in Jamaica was great! I liked all the places we've been to, especially Treasure Beach which was a "real" and no-touristy place. The best experience was being on the sea and seeing dolphins. Our tour leader were an amazing guide, an authentic entertainer! I really enjoyed your Company!


CLIENT REVIEW: I went into Jamaica not knowing what to expect and had the most amazing experience of my life. I felt so welcomed by everybody there. Our tour guide Tish was extremely accommodating and made us feel like family. Our driver Maurice was also very knowledgable and gave us lots of information whilst driving us through the many regions. Jamaica is visually beautiful. It's very scenic, from the lush green hills to the golden sandy beaches with crystal clear water. The food is out of this world, I wanted to try everything, I couldn't get enough. The nightlife is great, the music is great, the experiences provided on the tour were amazing. Things I would not think to do myself such as the Rastafarian indigenous village experience and the bar in the middle of the ocean. Wow!

I would highly recommend this tour to anybody, Jamaica as a whole and if you get the chance to tour Jamaica with Jamaica Discovery, take it!


CLIENT REVIEW: "My experiences traveling the Jamaica discovery tour are too numerous to recount. Right now with the fall changing the colors in the leave in the country of residence my mind is Jamaica. Thank you so much I had a small glimpse of a beautiful Country, culture and people.The time spent there was not sufficient to experience many things to the fullest extent so I will go back to spend some time in place where I left pieces of my heart. Thank Tish for making your country feel like home away for me".


CLIENT REVIEW: "It's certainly a great tour for anyone who wants to see different aspects of Jamaica in a short amount of time. Wonderful blend of travelers from different countries and with travel experiences. Tish was a phenomenal guide and I couldn't imagine a better person taking us around the island. She is a wealth of information and truly loves sharing her home with new friends 🙂. All the best for the tour company, and I certainly hope to return again and explore even more of JA!"


CLIENT REVIEW: The tour was more than amazing!! My dad is from Jamaica I was always excited to see what it looked! I think the Luminous Lagoon was the best! I didn't know that existed. The Dunn's River Falls were also amazing! Never actually climbed a waterfall! My tour leader always cracked us up and made me laugh! She was sweet, funny, kind, and smart! Keep it up!


CLIENT REVIEW: Hello dear jamaicadiscovery team.
I found out about you through my travel agency. To my luck! From the first check in to my last hotel, Darrell my tourleader had everything perfectly organized. I am convinced the Jamaica Discovery 14 days tour is the best way to visit Jamaica. It is very difficult to say what was best, but getting to know Rastas was a very special experience. The hotels are all very good. I also found it very fun to be in Kingston with local party. And generally, I find it important to get to know the locals when I travel, which Darrell allowed me to do. The time in Treasure Beach, Kingston and Portland I would say is my highpoint. Although Negril is also a dream come true.I personally would miss Ochi during a next visit and spend these days in another city. I am very glad I chose Jamaica Discovery Vacation & Tours.
Thank you and best regards,