The pitter patter of the rain drops on the zinc roof, the clean fresh air, or the gentle wind which soothes and calms our mind is why we love the Blue Mountains even in the rain.

Though we travel to experience the coffee and the hike, the discussions, the exhibitions are also things we like.

So we may not be able to venture far up the hill, but what we can do is enjoy ourselves still.

The Craighton estate tour features a tour of the Craighton estate home and the Blue Mountain coffee plantation. It includes a “coffee talk” that explains why Blue Mountain coffee is unique and transcends all others. It further explains how the coffee is grown and produced as well as a hike of about 3500ft up the Blue Mountain.

From the mountain we have an aerial view of parts of Kingston and on a clear day it’s even said that we can see clear to Cuba.

Visitors have a chance to experience the crisp clean air, feel the bushes brushing against their ankles, the caress of the wind and the sun kissing their faces. The Blue Mountain is the ideal place for the nature lover, the one who appreciates a good hike, the coffee connoisseur and just about everyone seeking a good time.

“Change the world by sharing ours and never remain unchanged”