As customary at the start of each tour a welcome meeting is held in an attempt to break the ice and get to know each other. Introductions are made, the itinerary is discussed and then the tour officially begins.

Wary faces, anxious eyes quickly changed to glancing from side to side unable to get enough of Jamaica sights. Our visitors from Canada, England, the US, Denmark and Germany quickly became enraptured by Jamaica. Was it the white sands? The clear blue waters? The food? The music? No, Jamaica can never be singled down to one amazing thing. Instead it’s everything that creates a pulsating vibe that resonates with everyone who visits here. One can’t help but sway to the beat of reggae music when walking the streets and hearing it being played in the shops. One can’t help but attempt to mimic our creole because our drawl is like no other.YS Falls, St Elizabeth Jamaica Tour Package


One can’t help but feel the passion of Jamaica. The passion which makes you want to sip rum, eat food and dance the night away worrying about nothing because as our legend Bob Marley says every lil thing is gonna be alright.

So the next time there is a decision about where the next vacation spot should be. Do not hesitate to select Jamaica Discovery Tours and Vacation and come and experience our Irie Vibe.

“Change The World By Sharing Ours And Never Remain Unchanged”